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Welcome to eLicensing with the Colorado Department of Education

Educator Account

Your account is your personal permanent lifetime account. All applications will be done through your one account. To create your account, click on “Register” above then choose ”Individual” DO NOT choose “Business”.
♦ Each educator is required to have his or her own account (no sharing).
Only one account per person is permitted
♦ Do not create more than one account.
♦ Any account violations will result in account closure.

Agency Account

Due to an overwhelming number of applications being submitted to CDE as a “business” or school district, Agency Accounts have been suspended. Create your account as an “Individual” under your legal name.

Getting Started

What do I need to get started with an application?
♦ You will need electronic documents (ID, transcripts, certificates, etc.) You will need access to a scanner to create those documents.
♦ Use the checklists found on the next page to assist you in gathering the necessary documentation you may need for your particular application.

Can I complete a hardcopy application, or bring in or mail all my documents to CDE?
♦CDE no longer accepts any hardcopy applications or hardcopy documents (transcripts must be uploaded and then mailed to CDE).
♦All documents, including transcripts, must be uploaded into your application when you submit it to us.
Failure to upload all required documents will require a new application to be completed along with a new fee.

Can I come to CDE to complete my application or pay my application fee?
♦ You cannot complete an application at CDE.
♦ No payments are accepted in person or via the mail.

How long do I have to submit my application after I have started it?
♦ Started, but incomplete, applications are auto-purged by the system after 14 days of inactivity, in some cases less.
♦ Pre-application checklists can be found after logging into your account.

Will I need to disclose any convictions and/or employment issues?
♦ Yes, even if you have disclosed those to CDE on prior applications.
♦ It is always best to side on self-disclosure than not to.
♦If you mark “Yes” on any question you will be required to:
♦Complete an explanation form found in the application.
♦If "yes" to a conviction, in addition to above, you must:
♦ Upload copies of the Law Enforcement report
♦ Court charging document
♦ Court disposition
♦If you do not disclose or supply the explanation form and or the conviction documents, you will be contacted by the Enforcement Unit. ♦ This will significantly increase the processing time of your application.

!! Your application is a legal document; falsifying any portion of your application will be handled accordingly !!

Computer Requirements

♦ Your computer must be using the current version of Adobe Reader (free). Click here to check your computer.
♦ If your computer is running Windows, it is highly recommended that you insure that your computer has the latest Microsoft updates installed. Click here to check your computer.
♦ Your computer must have cookies enabled in order to use the application. Click here to check your computer.

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