The goal of the seed program is to enforce the Colorado Seed Act which requires that the seed label, the germination, and purity content of the seed is accurate.
The program also inspects the seed to ensure that prohibited noxious weeds are eliminated and restricted noxious weeds are below a certain level per pound of seed.
“The general assembly hereby finds and declares that truth in labeling of seed is of paramount importance to the citizens of Colorado."
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Why Register to sell and label seed?

What does a label tell us about seed?


The video of the Plant Patent and Certified Seed Seminar has been posted on the CDA Video page!

The speakers included James Weatherly the Executive Director of the Seed Innovation Protection Alliance, Barb Campbell of Cochran Freund & Young LLC, Frank Curtis, COO of Limagrain, Rick Novak of Colorado State University Seed Lab and Duane Sinning from the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

Duane Sinning
Program Manager
Phone: (303) 869-9070
Fax: (303) 466-2860
Laura Pottorff
Program Manager
Phone: (303) 869-9070
Fax: (303) 466-2860
Contact person for the following:
  • Questions & Concerns regarding accuracy of Seed labels
  • Seed Inspection & Registration
Brian Allen
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (303) 869-9071
Fax: (303) 466-2860
Email: Seed Program