Request a Record

The form at the bottom of this page is designed for researchers who have a pretty good idea what records they are looking for. This means they have likely already done one or more of the following:

  • checked our Archives Search database
  • checked out our website for information about the types of records they are researching
  • talked with a staff archivist
  • have been referred to State Archives by a different government office


This form is designed for requesting specific records.

This form is not intended to be a platform for asking broad questions. It is not the best platform for planning research for your thesis or dissertation, or planning large scale research projects. In our experience broad or open ended questions are best answered by phone. Call between 10am and 4 pm (Mountain Time).


This form is the only way to request that State Archives staff provide records without the researcher coming to our research room.

Requests will not be taken over the phone under any circumstances. If you cannot fill out this online form, you may submit your request by mail.

REQUEST FORM: Colorado State Archives Request Form