ViCAP Training Tools

The creation of ViCAP Web has made the use of ViCAP much easier.  Please see the below training tools are to assist you as you begin accessing ViCAP.  If you need additional information please contact the ViCAP Liaison.

ViCAP Web Help

Case Administration

This page captures basic case information such as agency contact information, case numbers, and evidence available. The Key Dates section at the top of this page is auto-populated based on information entered later in the form; in other words, you cannot manually enter dates into this section, but the dates will appear once the case has been entered and validated. Incident Date is calculated based on case type and the dates entered in question 64 (Crime Characteristics | Dates and Locations).

Question 3 (Investigating Agency) is pre-populated based on your ViCAP Web user information, but a different agency can be selected during the first viewing of this screen when creating a new case. This is useful when entering cases on behalf of another agency, which will occur frequently in state hub situations. The agencies available to a user are based on user roles, hub status, and other settings that are determined by the ViCAP Administrator.

Question 7 (Person Completing Form) is also pre-populated based on your ViCAP Web user information. Changes can be made to this section as needed.

Be sure to complete all mandatory fields, which are marked with a red asterisk (*). You will not be able to save this page and proceed through the case without including the mandatory information. Note that there is always an Unknown option for mandatory fields.

Question 10 (Connected Cases) refers to cases that have been linked through physical evidence, confession, or conviction. Only FBI ViCAP has the ability to connect cases within the actual database. If you are entering a case and you are aware of other connected cases contained in the ViCAP database, please provide that information in question 9 (Similar/Linked Cases) and select Yes in answer to the question at the bottom.

Here are some helpful hints to use when entering or modifying cases in ViCAP Web.

  • Helpful "tool tips" are built into the database, and they can be seen by hovering over certain words or buttons. If you are unsure about the meaning of a question or a term, try hovering over it with your mouse to see if an additional explanation is available. If you have a suggestion for a helpful tool tip, please let FBI ViCAP know by filling out the feedback form.
  • If you accidentally check a radio button, you can double-click it to remove the selection.
  • Using the menus at the top and bottom of each page allows you to move through and peruse a case easily. If making changes, please note that the pages do not automatically save when using the menus for navigation; you must hit one of the Save buttons or the Save and Continue button.
  • Some commands within ViCAP Web are conditional, based on your user role. For example, if you do not have permission to save changes to a case, the "save" buttons will not be visible.
  • Some questions within ViCAP Web are conditional, based on questions you've already answered. For example, mandatory fields and some question wording will change from case to case, based upon the selected case type and/or offender status.
  • The ViCAP number for the case being viewed can always be found in the top left-hand corner of your internet browser window, above your toolbars. The active victim and offender names are always visible in the floater box in the upper-right-hand portion of your screen.
  • When updating a case, your user name and the date/time are automatically saved in the ViCAP Web audit trail. Currently, the audit function is accessible only to the FBI ViCAP Web Administrator.
  • Cases must be validated in order to be finalized and submitted to the ViCAP national database. To validate a new or draft case, go to the Utilities page and review the Help text for additional information and instructions.
  • Many questions have an Unknown option. When applicable to your case, select the Unknown option if information is unavailable, rather than leaving the question blank.


ViCAP Web Helpful Hints

Must use Internet Explorer version 7.0 or higher.

· If text exists in the holdback section on the ViCAP entry the entire case will be withheld from view.  (i.e.: if you type none or no holdback in the holdback field the case will be withheld).

 · Spell check will not exist in the initial release so double check your narrative sections.

· The narrative field is mandatory.  You are required to include a short explanation. 

· Cut and paste your narrative using Microsoft notepad to ensure accuracy.

· Save often - especially when typing the narrative.

· LEO will time out after 20 minutes.

· A red asterisk will indicate a required field.

· Only your agency and the LEA Manager can view your worksheet.

· Save every page as you go.

· Attachments can be no more than 100 Mb.

· An option will be available to print a synopsis when you open the case.

· Case must be validated and submitted before it is added to the National ViCAP.  If you receive error messages then your case did not go.

· The new wildcard is the asterisk * not the percent % sign.

· You can set it up so if you receive a email message at your LEO email.  You will receive notification at your home agency email address as well.

· When completing the LEO Application you must also send in the Rules and Behavior pages.

· In cases with more than 1 victim, enter 1 victim at a time.

· In cases with more than 1 offender, enter 1 offender at a time.

· A help section is available on-line by clicking on the "?".

· When completing the Event Site section, the Date, City and County Fields are mandatory.

· When selecting Hands and Feet as a weapon select Brought to the Scene.

· Spell check will not exist in the initial release so double check your narrative sections.

· The narrative field is mandatory.  You are required to include a short explanation. 

· Cut and paste your narrative using Microsoft notepad to ensure accuracy.

· There is no soundex.

· When typing dates use month, day, century, and year 01011998.