New Combined Data System to Include Mental Health and Substance Use

The Office of Behavioral Health has been working with data partners to design and create a shared data management system that integrates substance use and mental health data across the state. The Data Integration Initiative (DII) is expected to be fully operational in July 2018 and will replace the Colorado Client Assessment Record (CCAR) and the Drug and Alcohol Coordinated Data System (DACODS). 

What this means for you:

  • For Colorado overall, the DII will improve capacity for providers and communities to better track their patients’ and communities’ health and to commit to a true integrated behavioral health system.
  • If you're a provider who submits client demographics and diagnostics data to OBH, the changes in data submission elements and process will begin in July 2018 data and will reduce data collection redundancy across the behavioral health system. See our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Progress so far:

  • OBH in partnership with the Governor's Office of Information Technology secured funding through General Fund and Block Grant dollars to consolidate the State’s mental health and substance use disorder treatment data.
  • Through stakeholder meetings, we created a list of data elements that need to be included in the system and received approval from all of the Community Mental Health Centers and Managed Service Organizations. This list is based on federal requirements, evidence-based practice, and stakeholder feedback, 
  • We posted a request for proposal and selected a software vendor, H4 Technologies
  • We are currently using all stakeholder feedback in the design phase.

What’s next:

  • OBH is on track to have the program design completed by January, 30, 2018, and have the system fully operational in the community by July 1, 2018.
  • As this project gains momentum, the Office will release more information with a focus around testing, early implementation and IT specification documents. Leave questions and feedback here.

Thank you for your continued feedback and patience with our process!