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Welcome to the Colorado Refugee Services Program

Colorado has a long history of leadership and support for refugee resettlement. Whether you are a refugee, an interested community member looking for a way to connect, or an employer looking to elevate your workforce, we hope to provide you with the resources that you need.

Make A Connection

For Employers

Refugees bring a variety of skills and talents to the Colorado workforce. Refugees arriving ready to work often range from highly educated professionals to low skilled but motivated job seekers. We can help you connect with free placement services and help you diversify your staff with refugee employees.

For information, contact:

Nicklaus Lesley
Employment and Training Coordinator

For Volunteers

You can support refugee resettlement activities in Colorado with your time, skills, goods and donations.  
At Colorado Refugee Connect you can match your interests and skills with the volunteer needs of the village of refugee-serving organizations in Colorado.