CATPA Office

 710 Kipling Street, Suite 106, Lakewood, CO  80215                   Phone: (303) 239-4560                                 

Pursuant to §42-5-112 C.R.S., the CATPA Office is limited to no more than eight percent (8%) of the moneys in the fund, whereby these monies may be used for operational and administrative expenses of the CATPA Authority. CATPA employs three (3) full-time staff to organize, administer and report to the CATPA Board.  The CATPA staff performs daily activities to ensure the grant program processes, as approved and otherwise directed by the Board, are completed.  These processes involve the development and education of grant guidelines, the use of the Colorado Grants Management System, providing solicitation and instructions for applicants, and performing conformance tasks to grant awards, monitoring, oversight, reporting and administrative compliance and financial stewardship.

2017 DORA Sunset Review


Robert Force 
Program Director
Kenya Lyons
Grant Manager
Krystal Cook-Matson 
Office Manager
Pamela Hackbarth
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 303-239-4560
Cell:  720-626-0504
Phone: 303-239-4560
Cell:  303-253-0694
Phone: 303-239-4560
Cell: 303-656-1524
Phone: 303-239-4560
Cell: 720-584-5320

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