Insurance Assessments and Fees

Initially CATPA received financial donations and grants from several insurance companies, where the majority of the donations allowed the CATPA to commence its statutory duties. These voluntary donations came solely from insurance companies, with State Farm Insurance contributing the lion’s share of the CATPA operating budget.  In 2008, recognizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the CATPA program, the Colorado legislature amended the CATPA statute, via Senate Bill 08-60, to require insurance companies to fund CATPA with a one dollar per insured vehicle annual assessment.  This funding allowed for no more than 8% of collected fees to be used for administration of the CATPA funds where 92% are allocated to grant recipients to reduce auto theft.

The annual insurance assessment fee statutory authority is founded in Colorado Revised Statutes 42-5-112, 10-4-617 and Senate Bill 08-060.  For a complete listing of applicable statutes and regulations see our Resource Guide.


The Assessment Process

All companies licensed to sell automobile insurance in the state of Colorado are required to complete the assessment, even if at the July 1 assessment date there are no cars insured (report zero on the assessment form).

Step 1- Assessment Reporting

Every year each company is required to report the number of motor vehicles insured on July 1.  All insured vehicles, both private and commercial, with a declared gross weight of 26,000 lbs. or less must be included in calculating the biannual assessment. These figures must be reported to the CATPA office on or before August 15th of every year on the CATPA Insurance Assessment Reporting form. The assessment fee is then calculated based on the number of vehicles reported.  The fee is $1.00 for each insured vehicle.

Step 2- Payment of the Assessment Fee

The Assessment fee is payable in two biannual payments of 50%.  The first payment is due on or before January 1, with the second payment due on or before July 1.  The Assessment fee can be paid either by an ACH transfer or by check. If payment is being sent by ACH transfer please be sure to include RBAA Charla Phagan in the description and send notice to the CATPA staff that funds have been sent via ACH. If sending a check, it should be made payable to: Colorado Department of Public Safety – C.A.T.P.A and mailed to Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority, 710 Kipling Street, Suite 106, Lakewood CO 80215. There is no penalty if a company chooses to pay the fee in full on or before January 1.  The CATPA Assessment Payment Form must accompany each payment.

On or before February 1st each year, the CATPA staff will compare the list of insurers who paid the biannual fee with the list compiled by the Division of Insurance of all insurance companies licensed to insure motor vehicles in the state and shall notify the commissioner of the Division of Insurance of any insurer’s failure to report and/or pay the fee.  The Commissioner of Insurance will notify the insurer of the fee requirement. If the insurer fails to pay the fee within fifteen days after receiving the notice, the Commissioner may suspend the insurer’s certificate of authority or impose a civil penalty of not more than one hundred twenty percent of the amount due or both.

Required Forms - 2098 Form is now posted below

The 2019 CATPA Insurance Assessment/Payment Reporting Form can be returned via mail (CATPA 710 Kipling Street, Suite 106  Lakewood, CO  80215) or email (  This form was updated 06.14.2019.

Please review the CATPA FAQ's for frequently asked questions.  If the FAQ's don't have your question, please contact the CATPA Office at 303-239-5882 or via email at


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