Center of Excellence for Advanced Technology Aerial Firefighting (CoE)


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Hot News
The CoE just published our report on work with Honda on the Autonomous Work Vehicle. You can access that report on the Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle project page or directly here.
The CoE just published two new reports on Team Awareness Kit (TAK) test deployments. Check out the new reports here.
  • Overland Crew TAK Deployment Report
  • Yellowjacket Rx Deployment Report 
Older News
The Team Awareness Kit (TAK) now has its own project page. Updates on that page include:
  • Reports from Country Jam and Montrose Helitack deployments
  • Video about the Country Jam Deployment 
The Data Link and Team Awareness Kit (TAK) pages have been updated.
The CoE released the Night Aerial Firefighting Operations Interim Report (CoE-18-001.8)
We've added a new project: Aerial Application of Water Enhancer Study


Our Mission

Our Vision

To protect the citizens, land, and resources in Colorado, the Center of Excellence will research, test, and evaluate existing and new technologies that support sustainable, effective, and efficient aerial firefighting techniques.

The Center of Excellence is the worldwide leader in collaboratively researching and developing innovative technologies and capabilities supporting or related to aerial firefighting.




The Center of Excellence was created in Senate Bill 14-164. During the legislative session, proponents of the Center explained that there is currently no mechanism for determining the efficacy of aerial firefighting and the need exists for an innovative, science- and data-focused research entity. 

For this reason, the CoE was held up as an integral part of ensuring the successful implementation of Colorado's own aerial firefighting fleet.

 Address:  0375 County Road 352, #2065-A, Rifle, Colorado 81650  Phone: (970) 665-0034