Aircraft and Engines



Fire Management Staff

  •  Preparedness, planning, training, coordination
  • Technical assistance and response on incidents, along with filling
    incident command positions when needed

Multi-Mission Aircraft (MMA)

  •  2 State-owned, Contractor-operated, fixed-wing aircraft, based at Centennial Airport
  • The aircraft are on duty 365 days per year. During the traditional fire season.
  • The MMA can​ typically launch within 30 minutes of notification and be almost anywhere within the state​ within 45 minutes of launch.
  • Requested through State Emergency Operations Line (303-279-8855)

Single Engine Air Tankers (SEAT)

  • Since April 1, 2018 the single engine air tanker (SEAT) has dropped over 280,000 gallons of water, retardant and suppressant. 
  • Locations of the aircarft will be based on fire potential and activity
  • Additional Call-When-Needed (CWN) contracts in place with 3 vendors
  • All tactical aircraft ordered per County AOP, through Interagency Dispatch Centers

Helicopters and Helitack


  • 7 Engines staffed by combinations of DFPC and fire department personnel, available to support local jurisdictions with initial and extended attack.
  • Engines located in Berthoud,​ Lyons, Golden, Central City, Alamosa, Montrose and Rifle
  • Can be requested using local procedures and also through Interagency Dispatch Centers
  • Contact your DFPC Regional FMO for additional information


  • 7-10 person team of Firefighting personanell dedicated to planning, monitoring and starting fires. 
  • They are used for resource benefits, prescribed fire and hazard fuel reduction projects. 
  • Colorado will be soon creating a Wildland Fire Module in each fire quadrant come 2019. If you would like to learn more about the possibility of a career in Wildland Fire, Click here



To request DFPC assistance with a wildfire, call 303.279.8855. For day to day business, contact your Regional FMO.


West Area

Fire Management Officer (FMO): Steve Ellis (Montrose) 970-596-0685

Northwest: Regional FMO: Sam Parsons (Steamboat Springs) 720-556-4247

Colorado River: Regional FMO: Ryan McCulley (Rifle) 970-765-6279

West: Regional FMO: Luke Odom (Montrose) 970-773-4259

Southwest: Regional FMO: Tanner Hutt (Bayfield) 970-787-0880


East Area

Fire Management Officer (FMO): Paul Duarte (Alamosa) 719-850-2387

Northeast: Regional FMO: Matt Branch (Milliken) 970-222-8996

North Central Foothills: Regional FMO: Dan Escobedo (Frederick) 720-413-2917

North Central Plains: Regional FMO: Travis Griffin (Centennial) 303-704-2858

South Central: Regional FMO: Brenda Wasielewski (Divide) 719-963-7838

San Luis Valley: Regional FMO: Devin Haynie (Alamosa) 719-464-5345

South and Southeast: Regional FMO: Joe LoBiondo (Cañon City) 719-466-3341