Certificates of Compliance

Certificates of Compliance (COC) are not provided to the Business Entity, it serves as an internal document between the Division and the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE). Once that document is received by CDPHE, it will then be added to your licensing application package as part of the required documentation in obtaining your license.

If you have yet to apply for licensure you can do so through CDPHE: apply for licensure

COC’s are generated after completion of a construction project or maintenance inspection/Life Safety Survey in which no deficiencies exist.

Maintenance inspections take place every five (5) years for Hospitals, every one (1) year for nursing homes and every three (3) years for all other facilities. 

If deficiencies exist for a state COC survey (inspection), they shall be corrected within ninety (90) days of the inspection and a re-inspection will be necessary to demonstrate compliance.

CDPHE handles Time Limited Waivers where a Business Entity may need more time to correct deficiencies.  You can find more information on the process for submission HERE.

CDPHE also provides a list of Common Deficiencies

Last Updated: 11/14/2019