General Information

Procedures for Plan Review and Inspections

Fire Suppression Program Statutes

Fire Watch Guidance

Antifreeze Use In Sprinkler Systems

NFPA 25 Testing of Sprinkler Systems Using Antifreeze

Colorado State Department of Health: Plan Review Information (For healthcare-related facilities only).

Guidance for discharges associated with fire suppression systems

Fire Suppression Frequently Asked Questions/Codes and Standards 


Program Specific Information Handouts

School Maintenance Inspections

School Program Jurisdiction

Pre-Qualified Building Departments

Health Facilities

Third Party Inspectors


Certification and Training links

www.nfsa.org, Click on "Seminars"

www.iccsafe.org, Click on "Training"

www.nfpa.org, Click on "Learning" and then "Professional Development"

www.firesprinkler.org, Click on "Training" and then "Events"

www.sprinkleracademy.com, Check out the degree programs at Parkland College.

For NASFM-Endorsed Crowd Manager Training