Fire and Suppression Inspectors

2019 Suppression Program Fee Holiday
Explanation of 2019 Fee Holiday

2019 School Program Fee Holiday
Explanation of 2019 Fee Holiday

All certifications are valid for three(3) years from the date of issue

List of Certified Fire Suppression System Inspectors: Fire Suppression System Inspectors

List of Certified Fire InspectorsCertified Fire Inspectors

Fire Inspector I, II and III Plans Examiner (8 CCR 1507-30)
Fire Inspectors performing construction plan review and inspections shall be “Certified Fire Inspectors” as defined in section 24-33.5-1202 (2.5), C.R.S. There are three levels of certification for Fire Inspectors. Please refer to 8 CCR 1507-30, para 10.2.2 sect. A-C for the definition of each level.

Fire Suppression System Inspector, Inspector-Plans Examiner and Inspector-Residential (8 CCR 1507-11)

Each county, municipality, or special district that has Fire Suppression Systems enforcement responsibilities must, as needed, provide certified Fire Suppression Systems Inspectors certified to the appropriate level.

Instructions to Apply for Fire or Suppression Inspector Certification
Please have the following in PDF format prior to completing the application
-Completed and Signed Agency Letter, (does not have to be this form, but it does need to include all the information and be on Agency letterhead)
-Certificates and/or CEU’s as supporting documentation for the requested level
Once you have the supporting documents, use the Online Application to complete your certification application and attach the documents.
Please complete one application per type of certification (supporting documents can be the same, but they must be submitted with each application).
You will have the option to pay for your registration online (check or credit card) or to mail a check*. Certificates will not be issued until payment has been made.

* The price to make a Credit Card payment to DFPC will be $0.75 plus 2.25% of the transaction amount. The flat fee for an ACH or electronic check payment is $1.00.

Since the transaction must be processed through the state’s official web portal,, the payment is subject to portal pricing and under a contract administered under the authority of Colorado’s Statewide Internet Portal Authority as designated in statute CRS 24.37.7-101.