The Fire and Life Safety Section is also responsible for administering the Fireworks Regulatory Program.  This entails licensing of anyone who sells fireworks within the State, certification of those who perform professional fireworks or pyrotechnic displays, and permitting of displays in areas without local fire authority. The requirements established by the Section are in addition to any adopted by local fire, building, or planning authorities.

For more information, please contact Chris Brunette, 303-239-4101


Per Section 5.3 of 8 CCR 1507-12:  Applications for a Retailer of Fireworks License shall be made to the Division at least thirty (30) days prior to the start of permitted activities.  The deadline for July 4th Retail Fireworks applications (stands) is June 5, 2019.  All applications shall be received electronically by the end of business June 5, 2019 or earlier.

All fireworks applications MUST be received and date stamped by the Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC), at least 30 (THIRTY) DAYS prior to the start of ANY permitted activity. 

​8 CCR 1507-2 states that all fireworks applicants will be subject to a background investigation, including, but not limited to, criminal history, reference checks and review of fireworks record. The Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI) currently conducts these checks for DFPC.  Background checks are currently taking up to a week to complete. No licenses or permits will be issued without a CBI Background Check response.