Health Facilities

NOTICE: After January 1, 2017, Paper applications and submittals will no longer be accepted for Plan Review or Permitting, without previous written permission from the Fire and Life Safety Section. Please access our online application at the following link, Fire & Life Safety Records Management System (RMS).

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DFPC Health Facility Rules, please click here

Health Facility Construction Inspection Request, please click here

LSC Fire Watch Policy and Notification, please click here

Guidance for Submitting a Request for a Life Safety Code Time Limited Waiver, please click here

Construction Projects

Health Facility Construction Permits will require some or all the forms below to be submitted:
Health Facility Information Sheet
Plan Review Local Fire & Building Sign-Off Form
Fee Calculator

Online Application
To access the Records Management System(RMS) and the Online Application please use the following link,

Permit Shipping Request, please click here

Limited Scope Project Permit

For Health Care facilities, a Limited Scope Permit is included as a part of your Certificate of Compliance (COC), and no separate Limited Scope Permit shall be issued by DFPC. All work completed under the Limited Scope Permit shall be in accordance with the Limited Scope Project List and a log of all such work is an inspectable item during DFPC Licensure Life Safety Surveys.

Pre-Construction Meeting Request

If, after speaking with one of our Fire and Life Safety staff members, it has been determined that a pre-construction meeting is necessary, please complete and submit the following form.

Payment Information

The price to make a Credit Card payment to DFPC will be $0.75 plus 2.25% of the transaction amount. The flat fee for an ACH or electronic check payment is $1.00.

Since the transaction must be processed through the state’s official web portal,, the payment is subject to portal pricing and under a contract administered under the authority of Colorado’s Statewide Internet Portal Authority as designated in statute CRS 24.37.7-101.