School Maintenance Inspections

Qualified Fire Departments performing school maintenance inspections are required to notify DFPC that school fire inspections are conducted each year to the DFPC adopted edition of the International Fire Code, and provide documentation when complete. Fire Departments shall use the DFPC School Maintenance Inspection Report, and continuation page when needed, to provide documentation; use one report form per School District within the Fire Department’s jurisdiction.

School Maintenance Inspection Report 

School Maintenance Inspection Report Continuation Page

If the local Fire Department is not qualified or unwilling to perform annual fie Inspections to the DFPC adopted edition of the International Fire Code, the School Board shall notify DFPC at 303-239-4100. DFPC will conduct the required inspections and the School Board will be invoiced the following amount, based upon student enrollment counts published at the time of the inspection by the Colorado Department of Education.

Maintenance inspection fees are based upon address, and total student enrollment are considered for consolidated schools located at one address.

Maintenance Inspection Fees:

0 – 150 Students, $150.00

151 – 300 Students, $300.00

301 – 450 Students, $450.00

451 or more Students, $600.00

Fire Departments are not required to submit inspection documents to DFPC. However, responsible Fire Departments shall maintain School fire inspection records for at least two (2) years from the last reported inspection.

Fire Departments shall send completed School Maintenance Inspection Reports to DFPC at the following email address:, faxed copies are no longer accepted.

School Fire Drill records are an inspectable item during School Maintenance Fire Inspections. School Administrators are encouraged to download and use the fillable PDF “Fire Drill Records” form to record their school’s Fire Evacuation Drills each month and their All-hazard Drills. All schools shall conduct a total evacuation “fire Drill” drill each month.

The Fire Drill Evaluation form is intended to help School Officials and local Fire Departments evaluate school fire drills to ensure their effectiveness, to ensure all school fire drills across Colorado are consistent, and accomplish the goals of the Fire Code as they relate to safe evacuation of schools in case of fire.

Nothing shall prohibit any fire department providing fire protection services from conducting routine assessments of buildings and structures, or prevent the department from correcting violations that pose an immediate threat to life safety. Additionally, nothing shall prohibit the fire department from seeking enforcement action in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Last Updated: 1/15/2020