Online Renewal Non-Eligible License Plate Types

  • 5-Year Collector
  • Apportioned Perm. Trailer
  • Apportioned Tractor
  • Apportioned Trailer
  • Apportioned Truck
  • Collector Ownership Tax
  • Colorado State Patrol
  • Dealer Demo
  • Dealer Demo Motorcycle
  • Dealer Full Use
  • Dealer Full Use Motorcycle
  • Dealer In Transit
  • Depot
  • Diesel Vehicles (in emission counties only)
  • Emergency Vehicle
  • GVW - Vehicles weighing greater than 55,000 pounds
  • GVW Tractor (TVW)
  • Government
  • Honorary Consul
  • Manufacturer
  • National Guard
  • Person with Disability Placard
  • State Issued Military Plates
  • Transporter
  • U.S. Congress
  • U.S. Senate

Military Non-Residents
Note for Service Members: To receive the nonresident military exemption from annual specific ownership tax, the service member or authorized representative must complete a DR2667 Affidavit of Nonresidence and Military Service Exemption from Specific Ownership Tax and submit it to their County Motor Vehicle office to receive the exemption. If you choose to continue with this online renewal, you will NOT receive this exemption and refunds will not be granted by the county.