Report Fraud


Request for Investigation Form

This is NOT a form to complete for the following:

  • Lost or stolen ID card or driver license. Instead please CLICK HERE for your options.
  • Lost or stolen vehicle registration and/or title. Instead please CLICK HERE for your options.
  • Lost, stolen or misuse of license plates. Instead please CLICK HERE for your options.
  • Erroneously received a bill from any toll highway. Instead please CLICK HERE for your options.
  • Were told you have an Investigation Hold on your Motor Vehicle Record. Instead please CLICK HERE.


This IS the form to complete if you have an allegation concerning the following:

  • You suspect that a driver license, identification card, motor vehicle title or registration was obtained fraudulently.
  • You suspect that someone has a fake, counterfeit or altered driver license or identification card.
  • You suspect that someone failed to give the required or correct information in an application, or commission of any fraud in making such application for a driver license, identification card, motor vehicle title or registration. 

To report these types of fraud ONLY please complete the Request for Investigation Form and if you have attachments, they can be emailed to


The Anonymous Hotline was established to ensure The Division of Motor Vehicle programs prevent and deter fraud, misuse and employee misconduct. The hotline is available to employees and the public suspecting fraudulent activity concerning driver licenses, titles, registrations; criminal activity; and serious misconduct involving DMV employees. The Fraud Hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 1-855-RPT-2DMV (1-855-778-2368).

For all other complaints of criminal activity, contact your local law enforcement.