The LCSSC is owned by Logan County and managed by the Logan County Commissioners. The Commissioners appointed a nine-member Advisory Board and three ex-officio members.  The Advisory Board and ex-officio members represent expertise from several disciplines including bow, pistol, rifle and shotgun as well as representatives from law enforcement.  The Advisory Board generally meets monthly; the public is invited.  The Advisory Board may be contacted at logancossc@gmail.com Current Advisory Board members are:

President - Dennis Vierow, term expires June, 2019
Vice President - Jeff Rosas, term expires June, 2017
Secretary/Treasurer - Kim Krier, term expires June, 2019

Board Members:
Mike Dollard, term expires June, 2019
Jim Edwards, term expires June, 2017
Terry Schmidt, term expires June, 2019
Doug Short, term expires June, 2017
Mark Simmonds, term expires June, 2019
Rodney Tseu, term expires June, 2017

Ex-Officio Members:
Brandon Baxter
Jamie Soucie
Barry Winckler