The LCSSC is owned by Logan County and managed by the Logan County Commissioners. The Commissioners appoint an Advisory Board of up to nine members and up to three ex-officio members.  The Advisory Board and ex-officio members represent expertise from several disciplines including bow, pistol, rifle and shotgun as well as representatives from law enforcement.  The Advisory Board generally meets monthly; the public is invited.  The Advisory Board may be contacted at logancossc@gmail.com Current Advisory Board members are:


  • President - Dennis Vierow, term expires June, 2020
  • Vice President - Sean Miller, term expires June, 2022
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Kim Krier, term expires June, 2020

Board Members:

  • Mike Dollard, term expires June, 2020
  • Chris Kerr, term expires June, 2022
  • Steve Klein, term expires June, 2022
  • Darren Luft, term expires June, 2022
  • Terry Schmidt, term expires June, 2020

Ex-Officio Members:

  • Brandon Baxter
  • Russ Swingle