Planning & Zoning

Planning & Zoning Commissioners

Gabby Voeller
P&Z Chair
Sarah Mudge
Jason Hagen
P&Z Commissioner
Julie Lundgren
P&Z Commissioner
Dan Osborn
P&Z Vice Chair
Scott Bauer
P&Z Alternate
Rod Weston
P&Z Commissioner
Liz Andrews
P&Z Secretary
Greg Labbe
Mayor & P&Z Commissioner

The Planning and Zoning Commission was established by the Leadville Municipal Code to promote the development of private and public land and structures within the boundaries of the City without interfering with the property rights of the people who own the land or structures. The Planning and Zoning Commission supports the development of Leadville by establishing a set of codes that promote health, safety, convenience, order, beauty, prosperity, and general welfare of the land and structures in the City.  

The commission is made up of seven people. The people on the Commission are the Mayor and six other people who are residents of the City of Leadville. The Mayor appoints these six other people and the City Council approves the appointees. Each member is on the Commission for six years. The Planning and Zoning Commission meets twice a month, every month on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at 6:00 pm in City Council Chambers at City Hall.  


Short Term Rental Licenses 

The City of Leadville is accepting short term rental applications. All short term housing rentals are required to get an annual short term rental license. Please note that Acessesroy Dwelling Units are not eligible to be short term rented and must be long term rented for at least 30 days or more. The definition of an Accessory Dwelling Unit is below and includes integrated (meaning attached separate lock-off)  or a detached unit:

"Accessory dwelling unit" or "ADU" means an integrated or detached residential dwelling unit that is incidental and subordinate in function and size to the principal building, which shall be located on the same parcel as the principal building. ADUs are independently habitable and provide the basic requirements of shelter, heating, cooking, and sanitation. 

“Detached accessory dwelling unit” means detached units that are located inside of accessory buildings including spaces inside of garages.

“Integrated accessory dwelling unit” means units that are created by dividing space within a principal building, or by adding floor area to an existing building.

E.    Accessory dwelling units may be used for long-term rentals of thirty (30) days or greater. Short-term rentals of less than thirty (30) consecutive days are not allowed. 

At the 8/6/19 City Council agenda will officially adopt the fees to the existing annual fee schedule but will be the following:

Class 1 will be $50

Class 2 will be $150
Class 3 will be $250
A separate license is required for each and every STR listing/property/home. Please review the following information and contact the City of Leadville administrative services manager for more information.


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