Logan County Landfill

Matt Chrisp, Logan County Landfill Supervisor

24235 East Hwy 6
Sterling, CO 80751
(970) 522-8657
(970) 522-1995 (FAX)

Winter Landfill Hours November 1 - April 30:
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Sat. 8:00 a.m. - Noon

Summer Landfill Hours May 1 - October 31:
Monday -- Saturday 8:00 a.m. -- 4:00 p.m. 

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The Landfill is closed all county holidays as well extremely windy days or any other days when county offices close due to inclment weather.  It is best to call first at the above number if you are in question.

Cash or In-county checks and debit/credit cards are accepted.  A 2.5% conveniece fee or $2.00 minimum will be charged if a debit/credit card is used.

Two free load certificates, valid for up to 10 yards or five tons of waste have been mailed to each household in rural Logan County.  The certificates are color coded for each new year and expire December 31, of each year.  Please see the actual certificate for additional details.  If you did not receive your certificate in the mail, please call the landfill at the above number. 




Municipal Solid Waste (MSW):
As defined by the US EPA, “municipal solid waste” (MSW) includes waste generated from residential, commercial and institutional (ex. schools and prisons) sources. (Does NOT include “Industrial Waste” produced by the same sources.)
Sources & Typical Examples of MSW:
Residential, single & multi-family homes:
Old newspapers, clothing, packaging, cans/bottles, food scraps & yard trimmings.
Commercial, Offices, retail & wholesale stores, restaurants: Old corrugated containers (OCC), office papers, yard trimmings, food scraps, disposable tableware & cans/bottles.
Institutional, Schools, libraries, hospitals & prisons;
Office papers, books/magazines & cafeteria wastes.
Industrial, (packaging & administrative but NOT process waste); OCC, plastic film, office paper & cafeteria waste.

Minimum Gate fee up to about 860lbs---------------------------------------$10.00
Cost Per Ton OVER 860lbs:  Residential -----------------------------------$23.17
Licensed Commercial Hauler >860lbs----------------------------------------$23.17
*Non-licensed Commercial Hauler >860lbs---------------------------------$46.34
Individual items & fees additional to standard fees
Car Tires----------------------------------------------------------------------------$5.00ea
Semi-Truck & Tractor Tires (<36”diam.)------------------------------------$8.00ea
Tractor Tires (>36”diam.)-----------------------------------------------------$12.00ea
Earth Mover Tires--------------------------------------------------------------$20.00ea
Washer/Dryer & Old metal dishwashers------------------------------------$5.00ea
Hot Water Heaters----------------------------------------------------------------$5.00ea
We do NOT accept any appliances that contain or have contained Freon (ex. A/C units, refrigerators or Freezers).

As defined by the US EPA, “Industrial Solid Waste” includes all non-MSW sources of waste such as construction and demolition debris (ex. concrete, asphalt, roofing, lumber, drywall), coal ash, contaminated soils, oil field waste, water treatment plant solids, agricultural/factory generated waste and other industry specific waste, such as railroad ties from the railroad, mattresses from motels/prison, grain from elevators, fencing from farmers/ranchers, etc. INDUSTRY SPECIFIC.
As defined by the US EPA, “Construction & Demolition (C&D) Debris” refers to waste that is generated during the construction, remodeling, repair, or demolition of buildings, bridges, pavements and other structures. C&D debris includes, wood, concrete, asphalt, lumber, steel girders, steel rods, wiring, carpet, drywall, window glass, metal and plastic piping, tree stumps, soil, and other miscellaneous items related to the activities listed above, from any source. This category also includes natural disaster debris.
Minimum Gate Fee up to about 560lbs---------------------------------------$10.00
Cost Per Ton OVER 560lbs:  Residential------------------------------------$36.17
Licensed Commercial Hauler>560lbs-----------------------------------------$36.17
*Non-Licensed Commercial Hauler>560lbs---------------------------------$72.34
ROLL-OFF CONTAINERS:------------------------------------------------$36.17/Ton
All roll-off containers will be assumed to contain “Industrial-Waste” as per definition.
UNLESS, Haulers report the contents as being MSW, AND it is confirmed by Landfill staff through the “Waste Screening” process.
An example of MSW in a roll-off would be household items (eg. Papers, trash, old furniture and/or random junk) generally collected when cleaning out a rental type residence or storage unit.
All Logan County Landfill users who transport solid waste that originated in other counties shall have the duty to report the origin of the solid waste to the Landfill attendant at the time of initial weighing to insure that proper fees are paid. Users who fail to make the required disclosure, at the time of initial weighing and prior to unloading, shall be charged a $100.00 surcharge per load in addition to the usual fees that are otherwise payable. Use of the Logan County Landfill by any person or business to deposit out-of-county solid waste constitutes that user’s agreement to pay the regular user fees, and the surcharge, if disclosure is not made as required above.
All Commercial Waste Haulers hauling waste in Logan County must obtain from the Logan County Commissioner’s Office an annual county license for commercial transportation of waste.
All waste originating outside of Logan County will be charged DOUBLE above listed fees.

Electronics--------------------------------------SEE “E-WASTE” FEE SCHEDULE
Tires-------------------------------------------------------SEE TIRE FEE SCHEDULE
Batteries---------------------------------------------------------------------NO CHARGE
Cardboard-------------------------------------------------------------------NO CHARGE
(See Attendant For Off-loading instructions.)
*All Commercial Waste Haulers hauling waste in Logan County must obtain from the Logan County Commissioner’s Office an annual county license for commercial transportation of waste.


Fee Schedule For Download Effective July 1, 2019

E-Waste Recycling Fees

Specific Waste Index

Recycling Opportunities in Logan County

USED OIL RECYCLINGThe Landfill no longer accepts used oil for recycling, however, you may take used motor oil to the Logan County Road and Bridge Shops at 12603 CR 33 (3 miles west of Walmart and 1/2 mile south on CR 33) or H&R Tire and McAtee Paving in Sterling.  There is no fee required for accepting used motor oil at these locations.

Logan County Solid Waste Department Acceptable Waste Policy

The Solid Waste Disposal Facilities of Logan County are designed to provide services for municipal solid waste (MSW) generated by the residents of Logan County.

Sludge, liquid wastes, combustion renderings, radio active waste, PCB’s, friable asbestos, hazardous wastes, large animals, or car bodies are not accepted. The term “hazardous” means, any solid, liquid, or gaseous waste, regardless of the amount, which is defined to be hazardous under any applicable federal, state, or local laws, rules, regulations, permits, or administrative or judicial decision, including, but not limited to those wastes listed or characterized as hazardous by the U.S. Environmental Agency (EPA).

It is preferable that waste be accepted on a cash on delivery basis. When this is not feasible, charge accounts will be permitted after credit has been properly established.

Accounts Receivable: All amounts outstanding will be billed by the 10th day of the following month, and will be due and payable by the 25th day of the month that they are billed.

Delinquent Accounts: Any account that is not paid in full when due. All delinquent accounts will be reported to the Logan County Board of Commissioners on a monthly basis. The supervisor of the Logan County Solid Waste Site shall have authority to refuse waste on delinquent accounts.

Late Charges: 1.5% will be added monthly to all delinquent accounts.

Manifest: A waste disposal manifest will be filled out and kept on file for each load delivered by a commercial carrier.

Special Waste: Any waste not included in the Specific Waste Index. Special waste is accepted on a case by case basis (price and requirements to be negotiated before delivery).

Right to Reject: Logan County Solid Waste Site reserves the right to reject any or all waste not suitable for the site.

Inspection: All waste is subject to inspection and/or laboratory testing prior to disposal. These wastes will not always be accepted on demand and may require special acceptance disposal fees.







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