Photo Gallery

Please feel free to submit your photos taken in Logan County for publication in our gallery to:  Jennifer Crow

These three images are by Josh Hardin.

Sterling_CC-130426_Hardin_DSC2583.jpg, by jcrow
Logan-County_CC-130518_Hardin_DSC0674.jpg, by jcrow
North-Sterling-SP_CC-130518_Hardin_DSC0365.jpg, by jcrow

Photo credits for the December 2016 pictures of the Courthouse Christmas Tree go to Marilee Johnson.

Storm photo by Dustin Price Spring 2016.

Dustin Price Photo resized.jpg
Dustin Price Photo resized.jpg, by jcrow

The next four photos are courtesy Ron Berg, taken early spring 2016.

berg 4.jpg
berg 4.jpg, by jcrow
Berg 3.jpg
Berg 3.jpg, by jcrow

Independence Day 2015 taken by Jeneen Trump.


The bald eagle and owl photo credits here are Marcia Rogers M-M Photography.

M-M Photography


The following photo was taken by Ron Berg, this photo also appears in the slide show on our Welcome page.