Television Translator System

Logan County Television Translator System

The system is monitored and maintained by RF Systems LLC . If you are experiencing difficulties, please let us know. We will post any future notices of extended TV translator downtime to this site.

Call 970-630-3854 or 970-522-0888.

Translators are transmitters that rebroadcast the signals of a distant TV station to rural areas. 

Translators in this area include the Reirdon Hill Tower (9.5 miles east of Sterling) and the Peetz Tower (7.5 miles southwest of Peetz).

Citizens using antennas and receiving their TV signals from the towers are encouraged to purchase a converter.  
For more information on the Digital TV Transition visit  or

If you have questions or concerns about the TV translator please contact Ed Lake at (970)-630-3854 or contact us
at 970-522-0888 or through our contacts page.

Click here for a list of  channels: Logan County Television Translator Channel List (Updated 11/22/2019)


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