Recognized Environmental Professional

The Recognized Environmental Professional (REP) Program became effective on January 1, 2018, and replaced the Listed Consultant Program. 

The purpose of the REP designation is to better align decision-making responsibility between OPS, environmental consultants and responsible parties by identifying environmental consultants who can
demonstrate decision-making experience for the assessment, risk characterization and remediation of releases to the environment.

Prospective REPs must submit a REP application for approval and subsequently pass a regulatory proficiency examination to become REPs.

Approved REPs can be reimbursed at the current OPS reasonable cost guideline (RCG) 5.2 task and labor code for the REP senior engineer/scientist rate. Companies without an approved REP can only seek reimbursement at the OPS RCG 5.5 task and labor code for the current staff engineer/scientist rate.

A list of current REPs can be found on the REP List page.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Tom Fox                                          Rob Herbert             

303-318-8535                                  303-318-8543

Listed companies will remain as such by virtue of having at least one REP. Responsible parties of confirmed releases must retain a listed company in order to seek reimbursement at the Reasonable Cost Guideline Consultant Labor Rates. A REP within that company must be identified as the environmental professional of record associated with the confirmed release. This distinction is transferable.