Statistics of Income

The Statistics of Income (SOI) reports tabulate Colorado income data for individuals by income tax year and income class and report on a variety of income information available from state and federal income tax returns.  The data used in this report are drawn from a merged file of state and federal tax returns.  The SOI reports for the most current income tax year are published with a three year lag due to the availability and release of federal income tax data.  The timeline given below shows an example of the release of data to develop the reports.
Timeline for 2013 income tax return data compilation:
April 2014 2013 returns are filed by most taxpayers.
Oct/Nov 2014 The IRS processes these returns and sends data to the states.
Aug-Oct 2014 Extension filers file returns for the 2013 tax year.
Oct/Nov 2015 The IRS processes these returns and sends data to the states.
May/June 2016 Department staff begins matching and compilation of data after legislative session closes.
Fall/Winter 2016 2013 Statistics of Income is completed and published.

Additionally, these statistics of income reports are included in the Colorado Tax Profile & Expenditure Report, as required by §39-21-303, C.R.S.

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